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Now Is As Good A Time As Any

Posted on April 5, 2013 by bbdesign in blog

Attorney Paulo Tanasio, Broker Owner

blogimgThe real estate industry has taken on many challenges and experienced unprecedented change over the last 15 to 20 years. The recent boom and bust cycle has and will continue to affect real estate agents and consumers alike with employment concerns, lower asset values and tighter lending regulations. Like every other economic crisis that has come before, market instability shall steady and normalcy will eventually return. However, market gyrations have not stopped technology from moving forward, and the way consumers go about buying and selling their home has changed forever.
With the advent and proliferation of the internet and mobile computing, long gone are the days where the primary purpose and value of a real estate agent centered on the much prized and cherished three ring binder that contained the listings of homes that were currently for sale. The information age has provided consumers with the ability to shop for their desired home and perform many other real estate related tasks from the comfort of their own kitchen table. Yet, many real estate agents and brokerage companies provide little more than this “three ring binder” business model mentality to their clients. So why hire an agent at all? Because the information age has also provided consumers with an avalanche of information, much of which may be stale, incorrect or simply overwhelming.
Tanasio Realty Advisors has recognized the shortcomings of today’s online marketplace and is striving to assist our clients in maneuvering past these barriers by providing them with timely, accurate and reliable information. We provide—and will continue to provide—the customary realtor services by attending showings with buyer clients, assisting buyers with their online search, listing homes for sale with sellers, conducting and attending opens houses, etc. However, our true value lies in the depth of experience and overall knowledge of a client’s particular market; the accuracy, timeliness and completeness of the information provided to our clients; and the overall attention to detail and consumer-orientated focus that we bring to each and every transaction. Our clients also have the unique advantage of receiving quick and cost-effective legal advice and services through my law firm, Law Office of Paulo B. Tanasio, for such matters as negotiating purchase and sales agreement, title searches on a particular property, researching zoning matters or, under certain circumstance, conduct a closing. Over the last ten years, the firm has concentrated its practice in real estate law which has resulted in several hundred successful real estate transactions.
Should you have any question or concerns regarding your real estate shopping experience, seek to sell a home, or simply have a real estate related question, please do not hesitate to contact us as our advisors are here to help you. I encourage you to visit and utilize our online and mobile property search system. In addition, our online and mobile sites offer a multitude of real estate tools, real estate related vendor referrals, periodic postings of real estate related articles and a blog for your active participation.
Thank you for taking the time to get to know our company and we look forward to hearing from you.

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